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Have you seen the movie ‘Joker’?

You know, that 2019 flick where a failed clown descends into utter madness, while you squirm in your cinema seat and wonder why you thought this was going to be a superhero movie.

Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar for breeding the distress you felt as you nervously chewed on your popcorn, and secretly checked your watch to see how much longer was left of this thing that was supposed to be enjoyable.

Remember it? Yeah, I can’t forget it either.

So, when Tim Tszyu compared his brother’s mind to the Joker’s, this journalist couldn’t help but flashback to that two-hour torture show, and feel at least a little concerned for Ben Horn.

Elorde is so close to being out of this one, after copping another barrage from Goodman.

"This is a thorough and dominant beatdown," says Damon on commentary.

"He stands up to them, Elorde, but it's just target practice here for Sam Goodman tonight," says Ben Damon on commentary.

Damon calls round five the most dominant round of the fight for Goodman.

But then there’s other moments when you’re looking at them and you just want to outsmart them; not necessarily beat them up, but just make them feel like they’ve been belittled, and take their confidence away.

“These are little things that you can only really find when you look into their eyes.”

Up until now, though, Horn has managed to somewhat escape the dark thoughts.

“He has a face that I really just want to punch,” Nikita says of Horn.

A great one-liner, and a welcome respite from the suffering and pain.

“Nothing against him or anything,” Nikita continues, “... but he has one of those faces that I really just want to get in there, make messy.”

Now, before you go battening down the hatches, you should know Nikita, for the most part, is totally inoffensive.

He’s a largely reserved 24-year-old who has figured out that he punches harder than most, and can do this - for real - despite walking away from the sport for nearly a decade.

Drawing on his brother, father, uncle, and grandfather, though, Nikita has a wealth of knowledge that very few boxers could ever hope for.

“It’s like having a visual book that’s always talking back to you, always giving you information,” Nikita says.

That book’s secrets will be on display Wednesday night in a fight Nikita enters as a $1.03 favourite.


[[LIVESTREAM]] Ben Horn vs Nikita Tszyu LIVE Broadcast Free online 20 July 2022

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