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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to TICO’s blog!

We are a youth-driven think-tank that believes advice and information on civic organizing should be accessible to everyone; we hope to further ensure that here! The world of activism and political engagement can often seem daunting to most students. Through our work, and particularly the discourse we aim to promote here, we hope to show that it doesn’t have to be.

In the blog, you will find detailed explanations of important policies, advice, and supportive resources on how to start your own grassroots organizing, and so much more. We also are looking forward to highlighting trailblazing research conducted by our team in the US, and our colleagues around the world.

Our blog aims to participate in essential discourses, and we hope to engage with activists around the world. The TICO team will be contributing posts regularly, but we also open this platform for submissions from scholars, activists, and community members everywhere.

As TICO continues to grow, we’d like our content to do so as well. We welcome any suggestions, story ideas, or contributions to be emailed to

We’re so excited to kick off the blog! Everyone at TICO hopes you will enjoy the incredible work coming soon!


Accessibility has always been a driving force for the work that we do at The Institute for Civic Organizing (TICO); it is the foundation of each of our programs and products. Through this blog, we dissect and explore topics in relation to academia and activism, and participate in current discourse on such ideas in order to expand our vision of accessibility. If you are interested in contributing to our blog (by sharing your personal experience with organizing, being interviewed about a policy, or any other way) please contact

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