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Field Guide Project Launch: Addressing Vulnerability and Fostering Systemic Change

The Institute for Civic Organizing and Community Resilience Journal is proud to announce the creation of our newest project aimed towards supporting researchers working with vulnerable groups. This year, we will be developing a handbook-publication entitled: “Addressing Vulnerability and Fostering Systemic Change: A Field Guide.” Our field guide will work to develop and encourage mutual aid and greater socio-economic change for at-risk communities. In order to address systemic injustice through methods beyond conventional ideas of charitable work, we will present strategies for engaging communities (outside of one’s own) that allow for community growth, innovation, and adaptation.

The need for this field guide was born out of an understanding that systemic change for struggling communities can only be enacted by understanding the unique needs of the community. Additionally, to design effective solutions to group problems, researchers must understand how the community perceives and interacts with the systems of power that govern them. To develop this understanding and make sustained impact, one must engage with these communities in the field for prolonged periods. This engagement work allows for true understanding of issues, which will in turn lead to crafting systems more in line with what a community not only needs but will use.

More details and project partners for the guide will be announced shortly. To see a draft table of contents, or get involved with this project, please contact either,, or


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