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Fall 2020 Opportunities

Would you like to become a part of TICO? Here’s how you can:

At The Institute for Civic Organizing, we understand that COVID-19 has delayed or canceled many fall jobs and internships, and that many students are displaced from their schools and communities, or even considering a gap year. With this unprecedented situation, we recognize that now more than ever citizens are looking to make a difference in their community.

TICO wants you to use your passion to help create this change for generations to come. Whether you are interested in communications or finance, academia or engineering, explore TICO’s remote opportunities this summer.

In an effort to tailor positions, we ask that you submit a small job description of your ideal position along with your resume. Please send these documents to by Sunday September 13th.


At The Institute for Civic Organizing (TICO), we are constantly developing new projects, from the release of new curricula to hosting virtual conferences to forming partnerships with other influential organizations. To keep up to date with our work at TICO, click here and check out all of our social media pages for the most up-to-date information. For all media inquiries, please email

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