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Expanding Access to Academic Journals

Problem and Recommendation

Research journals and publications on community resilience are currently unconsolidated and inaccessible to the general public. Hence, there is an urgent need to bridge activism and academia in order to create an understanding of how best to serve communities. In response, TICO recommends the creation of a Community Resilience Journal, an interdisciplinary and original platform that publishes research relating, but not limited, to disaster relief, social justice, and community development. The definition of community resilience is therefore intentionally quite inclusive, incorporating knowledge from the fields of public policy decisions, civic planning, and civic action.


  • Today’s climate is marked by innovative civic organizing and renewed political participation following the 2016 United States presidential election.

  • There is an issue with the accessibility of publications; when published, academic journals are often difficult to come by and are therefore only read by a handful of people with intimate knowledge of the topic in question.

  • In the field of community resilience, academia and activism are not interconnected, while community resilience requires an interdisciplinary approach.

  • Despite the wealth of information relating to community resilience, a singular place where all this information is compiled is difficult to come by.


There is no reason why academic publications on community resilience should be inaccessible to the communities that the journals were created to serve. The purpose of TICO’s journal is to bridge the fields of scholarship and activism, as well as provide a platform for scholar-activists of all types to publish interdisciplinary pieces on community resilience. Through the Community Resilience Journal, TICO aims to guide those who have found either a renewed or new interest in organizing and politics.


Through our Digital Democracy, Local Government Revitalization, and Principles of Civic Organizing programs and products, The Institute for Civic Organizing is committed to addressing the issues currently restricting political participation in communities across the United States. However, we recognize that our programs and products cannot rectify all the issues we have identified; as such, our policy briefs outline policy recommendations for lawmakers to further drive change. To publish a policy brief related to one of TICO’s programs, and/or to learn how to write a policy brief, email:

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