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August 2020 Newsletter

Hello TICO community!

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

We are so excited to get our products off the ground and share them with you. First off, we want to thank you for joining us during these very formative past couple of months and we really appreciate you signing up for these newsletters. We hope to keep you as engaged as possible with our work and can’t wait to kick it off. We’ve been working on a lot and can’t wait to share at our end of the summer conference later this month.

Since our conception in January as an official non-profit think tank, The Institute for Civic Organizing has grown and matured a lot. Our formation has coincided with a time of radical change and a demand for accountability, and our efforts to share organizing lessons are more important than ever. We have seen incredible actions taken by community leaders and we draw inspiration from those who are starting from the grassroots level and yielding revolutionary results. On top of it all, these shifts are occurring amidst COVID-19 and in efforts to promote sustainable and safe action, we published “6 Ways to stay civically and politically engaged during a pandemic” in i-D VICE.

Our team’s focus is to make our resources and products accessible to all of you as much as possible and we greatly take your input into consideration. So, we held multiple focus groups and are currently working with our recently chosen fellows to test our Organizing Civics curriculum and gather feedback. We can’t wait to pilot this curriculum with Michigan State University this fall.

Follow us on social media :)

As we continue to grow every day, publish new work, and present new projects, we’d love for you to connect with us on social media and share our work to your loved ones and peers! You can find us on Instagram and Twitter by the handle @ticoorg.

Sign up for SNAPCON now!

Looking forward, we are proud to announce the Scholarship Now and Activism Post-Pandemic Conference (SNAPCON), a virtual seminar that will highlight the tools necessary to build the foundations of perpetually innovative and sustained organizing. We hope you’ll join us to learn more about how to start organizing within your own communities. Save the date for August 29th and register here now!

Again, we are thrilled that you are along for this ride with us and we look forward to seeing how our collective efforts can help change the world!

In Solidarity,



The Institute for Civic Organizing wants to give you a glimpse into how we hope to change the world! Our team greatly values transparency, and we intend to always make our work readily available through monthly newsletters. Stay up to date on our current projects and research, and learn about the exciting things in our future by subscribing to our newsletter here.

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