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Meet the TICO team!

Elliot Zornitzky

Programs Director

Elliot Zornitsky (he/him) is a  junior at Dartmouth College pursuing a major in English and minors in Public Policy and Sociology. He loves to garden, hike, and is "into" politics.


Hannah Zimmerman

Director and founder

Hannah Zimmerman (she/her) is a Stanford undergraduate who balances time between serving as New York's youngest elected official, the founder, and director of TICO, and wandering the arctic . She loves to teach, organize, and research community resilience domestically and abroad.


Giulia Becker Miller

Communications Director

Giulia Becker Miller (she/her) is an undergraduate at Marymount Manhattan College. She is currently a passionate intersectional feminist/activist and an aspiring lawyer who looks forward to working in female criminal defense. 

Sadie Honcock

Community Engagement Officer

Sadie Honcock (she/they) is a high school senior who has been involved with a number of youth-led organizations and projects surrounding social justice. She's preparing to study Classics and Political Science when she attends college.


Julia Mae Hughes

Digital Democracy Program Manager

Julia Mae (she/her) is a student at Tulane University studying International Development, Digital Media Practices, and Design. She is passionate about gender equity, media, design, and film.

Danielle Healy

Local Government Revitalization Program Co-lead

Danielle Healy (she/her) is a current student at Stanford University majoring in International Relations. She is passionate about effective and inclusive social and political change from local to global politics.


Cheyenne Green

Special Projects Management

Cheyenne Green (she/her) is a recent political science and English literature graduate from the University of Tulsa. Now interning at the public defenders office and planning on starting a joint JD/Masters’ degree in the fall. Aspiring human rights/criminal justice lawyer. Oat milk latte and Parks and Rec enthusiast.

Caitlin Kitson

Internal Development Director

Caitlin Kitson (she/her) was born and raised in New York. She is a senior at Brooklyn Technical High School. Her primary interests are journalism and public policy, and in her spare time, she enjoys drawing, painting, and listening to music.


Emily Liu

Research and Policy Director

Emily (she/her) is a sophomore at Stanford University studying Earth Systems and is interested in environmental justice and clean energy.

In her free time, she likes to bake, listen to music and watch documentaries.

Jamie Roa

Local Government Revitalization Program Co-Lead

Jamie Roa (she/her) is currently a junior at Tulane University studying Public Health and Political Science with minors in Spanish and History on the pre-law track.

Principles of Civic Organizing Program Co-lead

Eliza Schiff

Eliza Schiff (she/her) is a student at Vassar College, studying Environmental Studies, Political Science, and Theater. She intends to explore storytelling as a medium of climate activism. She loves playing frisbee and chatting about Brooklyn, NY (her hometown)!

Principles of Civic Organizing Program Manager

Nora Sweeney

Nora Sweeney (she/her) is a first-year at Swarthmore College interested in making transformative change within and around institutions; originally from D.C., she spends her free time doing crossword puzzles and going on bike rides.


Elizabeth Wilson

Editorial Manager

Elizabeth Wilson (she/her) is a young aspiring journalist who is grateful to be apart of TICO. TICO has provided the opportunity to gain skills of writing, advocacy, outreach, and to build connections in the professional world.

Meet the TICO advisors!

Dustin Liu

Outreach Advisor

Dustin Liu (he/him) is a Taiwanese-American who is passionate about helping young people see their personal magic. He is super thrilled to be doing that through work at TICO!


Allen Wehner

Learning Experience Design Advisor

Allen Wehner (he/him) Allen is a masters student at Stanford studying Management Science & Engineering in order to help teams be happier, learn more, and do great work. He loves user centered design, civic engagement, education, and the arts.

Notable past members

Chloe Alto                                                   Layla Kousari 
Carla Balvaneda                                    Melissa Loupeda
Ryan Bird                                         Lexie Maltsman
Isabella Brodt                                           Ana Mata
Marissa Brown                                         Teannae Owens 

Shauna Carlos                                         Hannah Potter
Kelly Chen                                                   Frances Schroeder 
Madi Ko                                                                                             
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