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Stanford Presents: COVID-19 Response Innovation Lab

TICO has partnered with the Stanford COVID-19 Response Innovation Lab to build digital organizing tools in response to COVID-19.

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In light of COVID-19 and physical distancing measures, activism needs to reshape itself to the online milieu. People, especially those disproportionately affected by COVID-19, need real-time social advocacy to pressure political leaders for policy reform and relief measures. However, there is a dearth of publicly accessible digital organizing training materials, especially for young changemakers. 


The Institute for Civic Organizing (TICO) seeks to fill the gap in online activism and advocacy programming through our two-pronged approach.

The “Techniques of Digital Organizing” Course

  • The “Techniques of Digital Organizing” course will walk people, regardless of political or organizing background, through a step-by-step process on how to create and execute a digital campaigning strategy to effectively make change in their local communities. The goal of the course is to provide learners with the skills to create a foundational digital civically engaged presence, gain traction, and foster online community. 

  • This six-lesson course will be hosted on the Thinkific e-learning platform and have a certificate available post-completion.  Lessons will be accompanied by community-engaged, technical assignments that will allow learners to tie the lessons to activism or issues they are interested in.

iD Vice.png

i-D Vice

“While the future appears unclear, we should not become complacent in advocating for the issues that matter to us as the novel coronavirus continues to illuminate failures in our political systems in regards to health care, family leave, economic and food justice, just to name a few.”

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