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We are reimagining how people and public institutions in the United States interact. This work centers around providing standardized academic civic organizing products as well as collaborating with public and private organizations to craft solutions that best fit the needs of their constituents. We will innovate our solutions through interdisciplinary social impact research as the needs of communities and the role of public institutions change.

Civic Organizing Products

At TICO, we are committed to designing and making educational products that we believe are essential to teaching and implementing civic organizing. These products are experimental and often the first of their kind.

Principles of Civic Organizing

Our Organizing Civics textbook seeks to condense the lessons of our previously mentioned products into one space and to provide a history of digital organizing, the emergence of popular social movements, and the key facets to running a successful political campaign.

Digital Democracy

TICO offers both The Grassroots Digital Playbook: An Essential Guide to Digital Organizing, Engagement, and Communications and a certificate course in Internet Organizing and Civics. The playbook and course are designed to complement each other, allowing the skills one learns in the playbook to be tested in the textbook.

Local Government Revitalization

Our Local Government Revitalization products integrate the skills of digital organizing into actionable ways to participate and redesign the functionings of local government. The Local Government Revitalization Handbook: An Essential Guide to Local Civic Organizing and Engagement stands as a bipartisan curation of experts in communications, politics, academia, and law, who provide simple, actionable ways of creating impact for civic engagement and political participation.

COVID-19 Response

Innovation Lab

TICO has partnered with the Stanford COVID-19 Response Innovation Lab to build digital organizing tools in response to COVID-19.

Social Impact Research

 The latest news and research from the TICO team.


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